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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Garage Sale and Golf Tourney

The gardens are in, spring cleaning is behind us, and the kids are ready to burst out the doors on the last day of school.  It’s the perfect time to gather up items you can no longer use and earn some extra cash by taking part in the Orr Lake Community Garage Sale.  On Saturday, June 27 just set up in your own driveway between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm and let the OLRA do the advertising.  At the end of your sale, if you prefer not to tote everything inside again, why not donate your unsold items to the Seasons Centre for Grieving Children for their garage sale in August?

Let us know if you plan to participate so that we can better publicize on your behalf.  Provide your address via email to, text 905-716-2571, or call 705-322-7568.  To arrange pick-up of your leftover items, call or text 705-725-4120 or email the above address.

Once you’ve decided to hold your sale, follow these tips to make it successful.

Start gathering the week before the sale.  If you leave it until the last minute, you’ll be far too rushed to make sure you have the time to earn top dollar.  Ask friends and family members to join you with their things if you feel you don’t have enough items to draw customers.

To make your sale as organized and as appealing as possible, group like objects together (glassware/kitchen items in one place; toys/children's books in another; and tools/lawn equipment in still another, for example).  Hang up items for maximum visibility and so people can go through "your racks," just like they do at the store. 

Place large items near the street to grab attention and, if possible, include items that will appeal to both men and women.  Once you’ve drawn customers in, keep them interested. If you’re selling dishes, set a small table with flowers and a cloth.  Create a reading nook for browsing books.  Offer muffins and coffee, or cold drinks on a hot day. 

Make sure items are clearly priced.  Nothing turns shoppers off quicker than having to ask a price for every item they pick up. Always mark chipped or cracked items "as is" so buyers know the price is for the item, flaws and all. Whatever the condition of the items, make sure they look their best—press the linens, wash and wipe dry glasses and china, etc.

Be ready to haggle.  Your browsers aren't looking to spend a fortune at your sale. Be ready to negotiate by pricing items slightly higher to leave room for price-haggling. When you set prices, factor in price breaks of about 20 percent to 30 percent off the price you'd like to receive.  Have plenty of change on hand in a safe location, and provide boxes or bags to pack sold items.

Offer freebies.  Pick out a bunch of things that you never want to see again and place them in a box that says 'free’.  This way shoppers and browsers alike can pick out what they want from the box and everyone wins. Place this free box near the curb so passersby will be more inclined to see what else you have for sale.

Once you’ve cleared some clutter and earned some cash, why not spend it on a day of fun and prizes by reserving a spot in the upcoming OLRA Golf Tournament taking place at Orr Lake Golf Club on July 4th?  For OLRA members the cost is just $38 for nine holes, $48 for non-members.  Enter individually or recruit a team.  Call or text Susan Eccleshall at 705-725-4120 to reserve a spot. 

We are still looking for volunteers to help with canvassing for memberships, and for the Annual Picnic in July.  Contact us using any of the options mentioned in this article to offer a bit of your time.  We do provide community hours for students, so let your kids and grandchildren know how to reach us as well. 

We hope you are all looking forward to the break from routine that the summer holidays provide and wish you a safe and happy season.

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