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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Funding Opportunity

With septic re-inspections to commence this year, we want to pass along some very promising information about funding opportunites.  If you have reason to believe that you will be required to upgrade your septic system, this will be of interest.  Representatives of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority will be sharing their knowledge of grants at this year’s OLRA  Annual General Meeting.  Meanwhile, Nick Ippolito, Springwater Township’s Manager of Building Services, has informed us of funding that may be available  through The Lake Simcoe & Georgian Bay Community Stewardship Program (LSGBCSP). This avenue also provides funding for shoreline projects which is an ongoing concern of our association.

The information below, along with a general funding chart that indicates rates and caps for various eligible projects may be found online by visiting the following link:

The LSGBCSP will undertake best management oriented projects that enhance water quality, fisheries habitat, and contribute to other ecological and environmental improvements throughout the Lake Simcoe and southeast Georgian Bay programming areas.  Project development, design and implementation will be facilitated through targeted, landowner-based, stewardship workshops that utilize an environmental self-evaluation guide approach that assists participants in identifying and addressing environmental issues associated with their land use practices and properties. Project landowners will receive technical & information assistance in completing personalized stewardship plans and financial assistance, staff and partner support in implementing priority projects that clearly address the goals associated with the Lake Simcoe & southeast Georgian Bay Clean Up Fund.

Projects implemented will include replacement of failed septic systems, lakeshore and stream shoreline restorations, riparian planting, naturalization, and buffer enhancements,
in-stream fisheries and aquatic improvements, coastal and riparian wetland enhancements, and initiatives that reduce dredging activities on Georgian Bay. The program will also implement and support priority agricultural best management oriented projects within the Nottawasaga and Severn Sound watersheds including livestock exclusion initiatives, nutrient run-off diversions, and other projects that contribute to improved aquatic eco-system health. This new program represents a broad collaboration of resource agencies, non-government organizations and community partners, including the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The LSGBCSP was established in recognition of the growing pressures that Lake Simcoe & Georgian Bay watersheds are facing with respect to ecological health and water quality
issues. The program encourages landowners to engage in stewardship activities that will
improve the overall health of their watershed. Access to program support is initiated through workshop attendance and the completion of an individualized environmental action plan that is contained within a Lake Simcoe or Georgian Bay Stewardship Guide (free). Once the guide and action plan have been completed, you will be eligible to apply for funding for your shore works and potentially for other environmentally beneficial works on your property.

In order to receive LSGBCSP funding for your shoreline works, the shoreline design must be an appropriately constructed, fish habitat-friendly approach (ie. rounded granite boulders, bioengineering techniques, etc). Projects that incorporate a naturalized vegetative buffer of at least 3m (approx 10 feet) incorporating native species into their design will be eligible for higher incentive funding assistance than projects that do not include a vegetative buffer.  The buffer area could include native trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers and can be designed to facilitate lake vistas and access features.

You will also be required to produce documents demonstrating that all necessary permits
have been obtained, submit a copy of the official final invoice for the shoreline works, and fill out an application form.

Your participation will help ensure that Lake Simcoe & Georgian Bay watersheds will be a sustainable resource for future generations. To find out when a workshop is scheduled to occur in your area, to obtain more information about the program or to discuss funding opportunities, please contact Carrie McIntyre, Stewardship Extension Technician, at 705-725-7523 or email

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