Important Information for All

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rubber Duckie, You're the One!

Have you ever taken part in an idle conversation on how you prefer to bathe?  Are you a quick in-an-out of the shower type, or a luxurious tub soaker?  One option that’s never offered when that question is posed is whether you like to bathe in the lake, and with good reason.  It is wishful thinking to assume that the introduction of bath products to lake water is harmless.  Even natural, biodegradable products leave behind elements that were not previously present which, over time, could affect the ecosystem.  The scents often present in the soaps, shampoos and lotions we love are also quite an attractant for bugs of all sorts. There is simply no way of knowing how lake bathing may affect the normal behaviour of wildlife and the health of vegetation.  Therefore, we ask that you refrain from this practice.  That Mother Nature lady has her hands full as it is – let’s not give her more to deal with! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Productive Meeting

Thanks to all guests and property owners who attended the Annual General Meeting this afternoon. We'll post the full minutes as soon as possible.  Mayor Linda Collins and Councillor Perry Ritchie were on hand to represent Springwater Council, informing attendees of recent Council initiatives and graciously responding to comments and questions. Executive reports were delivered by officers responsible for finance, membership, the annual picnic, and lake stewardship. Dave Featherstone of the NVCA presented a slideshow summary of the contents of the Orr Lake Watershed Report Card.  Under new business, Jason Harris of Orr Lake Golf Club reported details of pesticide use on the course (copies of his report may be obtained at the club) and Susan Eccleshall shared plans to erect community bulletin boards in two locations.
There was a great deal of informative discussion regarding lake levels.  Dave Featherstone provided a web address where interested parties can view actual lake levels in real time as collected by the electronic monitor installed last year in cooperation with Springwater Township.  Please see our links below to reach this site (Dave also advised that the station is temporarily offline but should be operational again within the next week or so).
We would like to welcome three new members to the executive.  On board to help serve our community beginning with the 2012-13 season are Ryan Wicks, Gary Wicks, and Mike Conway.
Once more, our thanks to all who participated today.  With your input, we feel we have clear direction that will enable us to serve the interests of the Orr Lake community responsibly and effectively.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mother Nature Wins

The rain she sent our way may have dampened the picnic, but not our spirits!  Thanks to Susan's creative music choices, we were dancing, if not singing, in the rain as we packed it up for today.  We'll be set up and ready to go again tomorrow (Monday the 6th), same time, same place (noon in the park).  Meanwhile, it's a great day to watch the grass turn green again and say a word of thanks on behalf of local farmers!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

A summer of drought, and today it wants to rain?  At this moment, it's cloudy and gray, but the skies are holding back so we plan to go ahead with the picnic. Should Mother Nature decide to pour down on us later in the day, we'll move everything ahead one day and look for you all at the park tomorrow, Monday, August 6th.  If your property is on the lake, you can keep an ear open for Bill & company, who will be making the circuit with the bullhorn this morning.