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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Welcome Summer!

Mother Nature held back the rain long enough for many Orr Lake residents to market their wares in Saturday’s community garage sale.  By all accounts, it was a successful day for all.  Even at the end of North Orr Lake Road traffic was fairly steady, and we met many interesting people throughout the day.  Thanks to all who participated.

Unfortunately, we must cancel the golf tournament previously scheduled for Saturday, July 4, due to a lack of registrations.  Thanks to Jason Harris at OLGC for his willingness to accommodate us.  If there is another sports or entertainment event that would be of more interest, please let us know. 

At the end of the school year, there are often grads who realize that they are a few hours short of fulfilling their community service hours, or those just entering high school who want to get a head start on accumulating theirs.  We can help with that!  The OLRA is in need of volunteers to assist with our membership drive.  Students need not be Orr Lake residents to obtain hours, nor are we limiting ourselves to youth volunteers.  We are glad to have assistance from anyone who is willing to share an hour or two of time.  Funds raised through membership sales are used to finance the annual picnic, as well as other events held throughout the summer.  Please contact us via email at, or call/text 905-716-2571.

If July flies by as quickly as June has it will be time for the picnic before we know it.  Plan to attend – call the extended family now and invite them out for a day of food, fun, and prizes.  Solicit their help in decorating your boat with a pirate theme to enter our contest.  Mark August 2 at noon on your calendar and, while you’re at it, take note of August 9 as well.  Join us that day at Orr Lake Golf Club at 1:00 pm for our annual general meeting. We have loads of guests lined up with useful information on a variety of subjects. 

Remember to keep an extra vigilant eye now that the kids are out of school, and enjoy all the fun in the fresh outdoors the season has to offer! 

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