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Monday, September 23, 2013

Waste Collection Update

Think of a Friday morning, the sun climbing up over the horizon to smile down on Orr Lake with its sparkling water, lush surrounding forests, and garbage-strewn roadsides.  Well, it was sounding idyllic for a minute or two there, wasn’t it?  Simcoe County’s rearrangement of the waste collection schedule has many property owners plugging their noses.  We can bring the fresh air back but we need your help.  Even if your response to the question of change is ‘I don’t care’, WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

At the AGM, the OLRA carried a motion to apply to have collection day moved to an earlier place in the week.  We are the only waterfront community that does not receive service on Mondays.  Unfortunately, BFI, the contracted waste management company, does not have the resources to facilitate Monday pick-up.  However, they are able to accommodate a change of collection for lakeside properties from Friday to Wednesday.

Councillor Perry Ritchie, along with fellow Springwater Township Council members have been very attentive to our concerns, and will gladly make a request to the County for this change.  However, we’ve been advised by Rob McCullough, Director of Solid Waste Management for Simcoe, that we need a majority vote to qualify for consideration.

In a recent poll conducted by the OLRA, responses were overwhelmingly in favour of making the change to Wednesday.  That said, we heard from only 63 Orr Lakers.  Most of these were seasonal.  At the September 16 Springwater Council meeting, it was decided to defer the matter in order to allow us more time to gain a majority vote.  Mr. McCullough’s justifiable concern, shared by Springwater Deputy Mayor Dan McLean, is that the County will be inundated with complaints should a majority not be in favour.

It is clear that seasonal owners are nearly unanimous in their desire for a change to Wednesday.  Many permanent owners are unaffected, and did not respond to the poll but we offer another opportunity to support our summertime neighbours.  We ask you to remember that there may come a time when year-round residents need a majority vote on a matter of little consequence to cottagers.  It’s likely that they’d be more willing to pitch in if we stand behind them now.

Please cast your vote by answering the poll in the sidebar to the left.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Sunday, September 01, 2013


As we are all aware, earlier this year our garbage collection day was changed from Tuesday to Friday. Many of us, particularly seasonal residents, are unhappy with this change.

At the Ratepayers Annual General Meeting, a motion was carried to request that the County move pick-up to a more suitable day. In following through, we have learned that A CHANGE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED UNLESS IT IS THE WISH OF THE MAJORITY OF ORR LAKE RESIDENTS. Please read the proposal and explanation below and choose one of the listed options to CAST YOUR VOTE BY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 for or against the proposal.


That the waste collection day for Orr Lake be changed from Friday to Wednesday.


The County's contracted waste collection company, BFI, does not have the resources to facilitate the Monday collection suggested at the AGM. A Wednesday pick-up is the earliest day of the week available, and is only one day later than collection occurred prior to changes earlier this year.
A request to the County to make this change must be made by our municipal government. TO ALLOW TIME FOR DUE PROCESS, AND TO GAIN APPROVAL BEFORE THE NEW YEAR, WE MUST RECEIVE YOUR VOTE BY SEPT 8. Please choose one of the following options to let us know whether you agree or disagree with the change from Friday to Wednesday. Whichever option you choose, we ask that you merely cast your vote, and refrain from additional comments. We apologize for the limitations of time and commentary we've allowed. It is unavoidable if we hope to attain County approval before the next Waste Collection calendar is finalized and sent to print.


  • EMAIL - send an email to with the subject line 'Garbage Vote'.  In the body of your email, state your preference. (Ie. "I approve of changing waste collection day to Wednesday" or "I do not approve of changing waste collection day to Wednesday")
  • BLOG POLL - cast your vote by participating in the poll at the top left-hand corner of this page.
  • PHONE - Call Lynne Brown at 705-322-7568.  Please leave a short message stating your name, Orr Lake address, and your preferred pick-up day (either Wednesday or Friday).
A final word to those residents concerned with the early morning pick-up time due to wildlife tampering with waste set out the night before collection, we offer these suggestions:
  1. Place a waste box at the bottom of your driveway large enough to hold regular waste and your green bin.  Ensure that placement of a box does not interfere with the flow of traffic, or snow removal.
  2. Place regular garbage in a standard bin and secure the lid with a bungee cord.  Ensure that all compostable material is placed in the green bin to discourage the interest of wildlife in your garbage can.
  3. Place clean materials only in the recycling bins.  Rinse before recycling.
  4. A raccoon latch for the green bin is available free of charge by calling the County of Simcoe Administration Centre Customer Service line at 705-735-6901.

Monday, May 13, 2013

MAY 18, 2013

Spring Up & Clean Up!
Come out and help us put on our best face for the tourist season, and help keep our lake free of garbage and pollutants!

Community Volunteer hours for students!

Supplies Pick-up 9:45 am at 2279 North Orr Lake Road

Clean-up from 10 am to noon

BBQ Lunch 12:30

Registration in advance or on day of event

Call or email to register today!