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Saturday, May 07, 2016

It's a brand new season!

Can I be perfectly honest with you?  I don’t feel like writing this entry today.  Usually when I sit down in front of the keyboard I’m inspired or, at the very least, I enjoy the hunt for words to address my chosen topic.  Not today.  Please don’t be offended.  My lack of interest extends to doing the laundry, catching up on housework and even enjoyable things like reading or calling friends I haven’t talked to for a while.  It’s just one of those lackadaisical days.  I have plenty of energy and no lack of tasks requiring attention.  I just can’t find a sense of purpose.

If I had a grain of sense, I’d drift through the day and be happy to just let things happen.  Having a purpose is important though.  It’s a defining characteristic of being human.  We crave it.  It helps to reduce stress by keeping us organized and focused.  Directing our attention to external pursuits and activities gives us less time to listen to the babble of our own brains, helping to ward off anxiety and depression.  Our sense of well-being is enhanced when we step outside of ourselves and become a part of something bigger, something more.

Being an active participant in the workings of the Orr Lake Ratepayers Association is a wonderful way to expand your personal sense of purpose. 

Are you friendly, outgoing and physically active?  The one area where assistance is most required is our door to door membership drive.  Whether you are willing to canvass an entire neighbourhood or just a few houses, your help is invaluable.  Memberships are currently our sole source of funds to hold events such as the annual picnic and pay for materials needed to advertise events and cover Association costs such as hall rental for the AGM, insurance and FOCA membership.

Perhaps your interests tend more toward planning and organization.  Serving as a member of the OLRA executive is the perfect way to let your talents shine and to acquire first-hand knowledge of all that pertains to our community.  Most positions require a small commitment of time and energy.  Meetings are held once monthly. Since technology allows those who can’t be physically present to take part we have shifted to weeknight meetings so as not to interfere with weekend plans.

There are many ways to get involved on a smaller scale as well.  What could be nicer than to spend a few hours outdoors chatting while you staff one of the new events we introduced last year such as the perennial exchange or bottle drive?  This is a great way for students to earn community hours.  If you make it your habit to keep up with Township Council meetings, it would take but a moment to advise us of any items on the agenda of relevance to Orr Lake.  Consider donating a percentage of your proceeds from the community garage sale to the OLRA.  Do you have a small collection of new items gleaned from stockings or unused gifts that could serve as prizes at the annual picnic?  Perhaps you have other thoughts on how you’d like to take part that we’ve never proposed.  Feel free to bring them to our attention.

The first executive meeting of the 2016 season is Tuesday, May 10th at 7:00 pm.  If you’ve considered volunteering in some capacity but aren’t sure what that would entail, we invite you to join us at 2089 South Orr Lake Road to learn more and ask any questions you may have.

I have a question of my own.  I’m pleased about getting this edition of Currents wrapped up and feeling somewhat fulfilled but still don’t feel like finishing the laundry.  Any takers?

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