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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AGM Motions Update

Now that fall is here, and that nasty four-letter word is just around the corner, we encourage you to stay informed by popping in here now and then.  Some of our best efforts are put forth during the colder months.  Last winter saw the completion of the Orr Lake Report card, and this year's AGM gave us projects for this year.

There were four motions put forth, and two of these were on the agenda at the Springwater Township Council meeting on October 1st. 

We received approval for a community message board to be placed at the park on the south road.  The Association will assume the cost, and be responsible for construction and maintenance.  We are still working on a second board for the north side.  Springwater property does not offer a safe and convenient place to erect one.  Our first choice of location is beside the mailboxes, which is provincially owned land, so the permission process is a bit more lengthy.  Our goal is to have the board at the park in use next spring, with the second to follow as soon as possible.

Our motion to initiate inspection of septic systems around the lake was also carried.  A report from the Chief Building Inspector was received, and Township staff will commence developing a discretionary program.  We will keep you apprised of details as they develop.

The issue of lake level met with less success.  Our motion to initiate human monitoring during the spring thaw to prevent flooding at the east end while maintaining water level at the highest possible level was not included on the agenda.  This made the fourth motion, to record the vote on the previous motion, a moot point.  When this exclusion was questioned, we were referred to prior communications regarding dam management.  Based on this year's figures, the Township intends to keep the dam at the midway point of the RWL, so long as this level allows flow over the dam.  To see actual levels in real time, please use the link 'Water Level Monitoring' provided on this page under the heading 'Useful Links'.

We also learned that Burnside and Associates have been awarded a design contract associated with the reconstruction of North Orr Lake Road.  A report from the Director of Planning and Public Works indicates a need for this project to improve and re-direct water flow, and to re-route sections of the road that are currently on private property.  This plan is in the early stages, and we should not expect to see work begin for at least a couple of years. After dealing with the construction on Highway 93 all summer, most of us will likely be more than happy to have a break in between.  Our Lake Steward is well informed, and keeping a close eye on all these changes to the landscape.  The timing of the Report Card is beneficial in this respect, as we have an in-depth knowledge of the health and composition of the lake before construction on the surrounding lands began.

While all of this isn't good news for those of us concerned with the effect of shallow waters on the health of the lake, there are some very positive initiatives going forward.  We will continue to do our best in representing your interests to make living in Orr Lake a thing of envy.

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